NITP – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is NITP?

NITP stands for National Islamic Training Programme. It is an annual camping programme held towards the end of December.

2. Why is it called a Training Programme?

Because is it organized with various activities that are spiritually uplifting and psycho-physically impacting to make an Ideal Muslim Personality.

3. Why is it held in December?

In order to take the advantage of the federal holidays and withdraw Muslims to a blessed gathering free from the societal vices that are rampant during this period

4. What are the activities involved in the camp?

Apart from many quality lectures that will be delivered by erudite Islamic scholars on a number of different topics, there are also physical, entrepreneurial and sport sessions to be held.

5. What are the benefit I stand to gain by attending this camp?

(a) You will be spiritually uplifted, insha Allah.

(b) You will be economically empowered.

(c) You will be physically fit.

(d) You will meet and associate with fellow Muslims of like.

6. Who are the organizers of this programme?

The programme is organized by The Muslim Congress (tmc). Visit our website at for detail.

7. Who are the target participants?

Every adult male Muslim and interested non-Muslim

8. Can I attend with my wife and children?

No. The NITP camp is only for male adults. There is a separate camping programmes for females and children around the same period.

— Al-Mu’minaat Training Forum (ATF) is organized by Al-Mu’minaat (The Believing Women Organization) and it’s held immediately after the NITP is concluded (visit for detail).

— Muslim Children Camping Programm (MCCP) is organized by The Young Muslim Association (TYMa) for children between the ages of 4 and 14yrs (visit for detail).

9. Is it a FREE event?

No. A token amount is required to register which will cater for your accommodation and feeding throughout the camping days.

10. How many days does the camp last?

The camp is usually held from the afternoon of Friday to the morning of Tuesday which is about 5 days.

11. What provision do i need to bring along?

Come along with your personal hygiene, comfort and ibadah materials such as toothbrush and paste,  sponge and soap, prayer rug, Qur’an, etc. You will be provide with a souvenir writing note.

12. Do you have provision for a place to park my car?

Yes. There is a secured space to park your car free of charge.

13. Can I attend the camp for only part of the days?

Yes. If you have other appointments, you may take an easy exit permit. However, you will love to plan to participate from the start to the end.

14. What are the categories of delegates attending the camp?

In order to pass the right message to the appropriate audience, the class sessions are in four categories as follows: Artisans, Professional, Mini-Professional, Elders. However, there are general sessions in which all delegates will participate.

15. Who are the appropriate participants for the categories?

— Artisans category for the craft men, peasants and traders.

— Professional category for the graduates.

— Mini-Professional for the school leavers and undergraduates.

— Elders category for the aged.

16. What are the planned security measures?

Men of the Congress Guard are trained personnel and will be on alert to maintain law and order as well as ensure adequate security.

17. Is there provision for medical emergencies?

Yes. The Clinic Department consist of qualified medical practitioners and will attend to medical complaints from any delegate.

18. Are there any activities to entertain the delegates?

Yes. There is News and Current Affairs sessions. It’s an informative and entertaining session.

19. Will there be any time to refresh and relax?

Yes. There is a siesta period for each day. Delegates can take a nap during this period.

20. Do you collect feedback from delegates?

Yes. There is a session of “As I See It” toward the end of the camp.

21. Do you have provision for mass transit to the camp venue in which I can join?

Some of our branches do have provision for that at a subsidize rate. Contact us to find out the availability in your area.

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