NITP 2018 —> Day 2 – 1st Lecture (Professional Class)

What is materialism? It’s the belief that wealth, possessions and physical comforts are more important in this life and/or taken extremely.

What is Spiritualism? It literally means Godliness, a connection between you & Allah. The prophets of Allah admonished us to be Godly both in the secret & in the open.

Three things that makes us Godly:

1. Seeking knowledge and letting it manifest

2. Make sure you practice what you learn

3. Teaching others

Human classification as an entity is divided into Material and Soul. The soul is the most important part of the two as it must be nourished constantly from time to time.

The prophet said if a soul is good, the whole body is good, if it is spoilt then the whole body is spoilt. Brothers of today are totally lost in the euphoria of materialism.

We must always be aware of the importance of taking care of our soul, for most times the soul doesn’t want good for us.

We all are created in this world for two final destinations – Jannah or Jahannam. If the prophet could die, then surely we all would taste death.

Managing materialism can’t be achieved without one being contented with what Allah bestowed on him. It is only Allah that gives and takes.

A conscious believer who balances these two has Jannah as his abode. A balanced believer is patient & his prayers accepted. Whoever wage war against him faces Allah and to be perished.

Manifestations of materialism

– Amassing wealth

– Arrogance and pride

Attaining spirituality is by worshiping Allah as if we see him though we know we cant see him but he sees us.

This world should be in your hands not your heart, only hereafter should be in your heart. As muslims we must work very hard, but sustenance is with Allah.

The sahabas’ wife always tell them that as they go out, they should come back only with Halal sustenance, for they can be patient with worldly suffering but they cant be patient nor withstand the fire of Allah.


Four spiritual keys TO NOTE

– Fear Allah all the time.

– Contented with the little you have.

– Live your life in accordance with Quran and Sunnah.

– Always prepare for a day of no return.

Lecturer: Alhaji (Dr.) Ogunkoya Ibrahim

Theme: Provisions for the Nation

Topic: Between Spiritualism and Materialism




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