NITP 2018 —> Day 2 – Health Talk

Topic: Dangers of Substance Abuse and Drug Addiction Lecturer: Dr. Abdullateef Akegbeyale Theme: Provisions for the Nation #tmcitp2018

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NITP 2018 —> Elder Class Lecture 1

Spiritualism and Materialism. Does Islam forbid wordly pursuit, learning skills or academic pursuits? In this class, the lecturer carefully highlight the extreme elements & benefits of these two concepts. #tmcitp2018

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NITP 2018 —> Day 2 – 1st Lecture (Professional Class)

What is materialism? It’s the belief that wealth, possessions and physical comforts are more important in this life and/or taken extremely. What is Spiritualism? It literally means Godliness, a connection between you & Allah. The prophets of Allah admonished us to be…

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